The Rays, a few club is too final season and the Giants acquired the Giants an outfield repointers to third start of the second season and make the season. (AI Generated)

One of my first attempts at Machine Learning

I fed an AI almost 200 articles about the San Francisco Giants, below is what it learned about them. None of this is true or factual. Enjoy.

The Giants are starting over the season in the first time since 2900 in 2019, the Giants have a complete on a power that the Giants could hell the ball are starting to the most of his finel.

The Giants have an ampeased to be too seen of the season. He had a long start of the past two seasons in the first pitcher with a starting side of the season.

The Rays’ lead for the Giants and of the season, but the Giants are something to de a lot of spot and the roster and the Giants are still be a lot of promation that may need to be a plus offense too season, a double play off an even too seen that may be their opener who has to deen an opportunity an offense than the Giants could be a chance to the most that season.

The Rays said he had the first time the Giants are offense to say the franchise history and the Giants’ starting start of the seventh inning with a start to the mound and struck out a four-run season. The Rockies are started to third start of his coreer strikeouts in the first time in his career against the Dodgers’ rotation as the Giants cauld hit the staff. The Giants have a couple of the season, and the Giants arrived in a reliever start on a role to thind of the season.

The Giants’ series opener with a season in the first time in the season in San Francisco with the Dodgers in the start of the season and might be the beginning of the part in San Francisco are an offense that may need the season on their result season.

The Giants acquire San Francisco will close the Giants’ staff to the most to the Giants’ first season in the first pitch of the free agence in the season. The Giants’ starting stretgh of his complete appearances and seven hitters and make their fass the first pitcher with the Giants couldn’t think if that season and they don’t have the bench and threw than shows.

“It’s a lot of past season,” he’s not a good start to have a lot of pinch-hitters. That’s the first twice in the season. He started to trade the Giants’ first time in the seventh inning, but he has to all of the plate and the Giants have a lot of president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi is a carrent continue too start the season into a relief players to hit a lot of president of baseball. To clear a real posted a lineup and the Giants have to continue the first pitcher will consider the season in the first time in the first pitcher who went to take the second single to long season.

“It allowed a lot of pitching season, and they’re going to get to be a good second, and I’m excitement to be a little before they had to get the ball in the first percentage.”

The Giants are started a real consider the starting pitcher with two outfielders and threw outfielders and the Giants are some top of the season and make the coub outfield and the regular season at the ball and see the Giants and on a roster staff in and several seasons. They were a lot of president of baseball, and the Giants could be a lineup could be a lot of pitchers will be the first pithhes and mentally he started to be a lineup that they had the beginning, but he had a real candinate and start a runner of the plate as the Giants’ first season. The Rodríguez start to the Dodgers’ staft to the first twice to hit a lead for a season-opening Day outfield and the Giants are something with a season-on-base peacong start to the Dodgers and have been seven hits against the Padres. The Giants acquired to a combination this season, but he has a leadoff single to the Dodgers in San Diego to close the season in the National League Willies Machado at Oracle Park and Tampa Bay Rays and make a read for the first two seasons in the season and the Giants’ loss that’s a lot of player and thank to the major leagues. The Giants acquired first baseman Bast year. The Giants are some of the season is the first time and traded to a consistent offense is a reliever to a completely considered a seall of the season in the National League per of the plate, but he said the Giants continued to be the bench in the first two innings against the Posey.

“It’s all of a little bit of the season, and that’s a roster and I have a lot of player and I had a lot of familiar.”

The Giants have seen that more offense in the first time seasons in the first time in the season, but they were a lot of baseball of the season.

The Rays’ long start to the most to the Dodgers and three offins vereday in San Francisco and made the season, a found-hitter is that to a result to the mound and started the bases leaded to be a pitcher who would helped to have a chance to take a lot of pitcher Jonnor Jee and Tommy Panck in a realle top of the season.

Thank You Hunter

You’ll always be known as one of the greatest to ever wear the Giants uniform.

Time sure did fly by.  It feels like yesterday you made your debut at AT&T Park, won a couple World Series, shared your love of coffee, dominating in Smash Bros., were making amazing plays on the field, and helping to welcome the newest members of the Orange and Black and mentoring them on what it means to be a San Francisco Giant.

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October 2017 SF & SJ Giants Wallpapers Calendars (Ballpark)

AT&T Park

I decided to start something new with the wallpaper calendars for your computers.  Going forward I’m going to try to include two different wallpapers for you to enjoy, one will be showcasing the San Francisco Giants and the other will feature the Minor League San Jose Giants.  I’m hoping to accomplish a few goals by taking this approach, the first being to allow some variety in the wallpapers available to you, second showcasing the San Jose Giants who graciously provided media access to myself so as to be able to take some unique and amazing shots, and finally to showcase players that may one day be seen playing at AT&T Park.  This month will feature the ballpark of these two teams.

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December 2016 Wallpaper (Madison Bumgarner)

Madison Bumgarner 2016 December

We close out 2016 with the man that closed out the 2014 World Series, Madison Bumgarner.  One of the many “Homegrown” players that fill the SF Giants roster he has become a star and legend in MLB History with his incredible postseason performance.

Not only is Madison Bumgarner one of the best pitchers in baseball, he’s also known for one of the few pitchers who “rake” or are an offensive threat when at bat.

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Xmas Gift Idea’s for a San Francisco Giants Fan

Need an Xmas gift idea for that San Francisco Giants fan on your holiday shopping list?  Your buddy Kuro has some great idea’s on how to make that Giants fan or baseball fan on your list happier than if they hit a home run off Kershaw!

Game Used Item – Have a Deadhead or Parrothead that’d love a “K” Board hanging on their wall?  Maybe a signed Jarrett Parker baseball is on someones wishlist?  Whoever the fan is, there’s probably something for every Giant fan at the online SF Giants Dugout Store.  But still looking for that extra special something you can’t find online, maybe a game used ball from a specific game?  Send an email to “” with what you’re looking for and they’ll try to do their best!  Remember if you’re a season ticket holder to let them know, you should be able to use your 20% Season Ticket Holder discount.


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